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Pack Committee (some with email links)
Cubmaster Nick Shah
Assistant Cubmaster Maggie Gerhardt
Committee Chair Sean Medina(outgoing)/Megha Narang(incoming)
Chartered Organization Representative Marta Wicke
Treasurers Ken Puth
Secretary Philina Abbott
Awards Chair Heidi Silva
Executive Officer Mick Hurrey
Non-Committee Positions
Trail Trekker Hiking Leader Allision Rossiter
Outdoor Activities Chair Vacant – could be you!
Roster Person & Registrar Zhiyan (Cindy) Wang
Webmaster Jim Shore
Photo Curator / Photo Site Person Shubhra Chakraborty
Popcorn Sales ‘Kernel’ Ellen Darvell
Recruiting Chair Maggie Gerhardt
Scouting For Food charity drive Coordinator for Nov 2017 Sagir Munir

Dina El-Nakhal

Adopt-a-School Program Coordinator (school beautification) Vani Battula
Training Champion / Youth Protection Training Champion Vacant – could be you!
Shed Storage Dwight Lovelace
Pinewood Derby Finish Line Team Navi Battula

Raj Varna

Dens (groups of 4-6 kids and their parents):
Den Den Leaders
Den X (Lion rank, Kindergartners) Betsy Logan
Den 2
Den 3 (Bear rank, 3rd graders) Maggie Garhardt
Den 4
Den 5 (Wolf rank, 2nd graders) Nate Wicke
Den 6 (AOL, 5th graders) Samson Chan
Den 7
Den 8
Den 9 (Webelos rank, 4th graders) Shane & Amy Means
Den 10 (Tiger rank, 1st graders) Guari Kalaver
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